Anniversary Cruise III

Summer Cruise of July 1 – September 1, 2006

Leg 1


Telegraph Harbour


Mark Bay, Nanaimo


Hotham Sound






*    Before we head north we must play with our friends and family

*    Picked up Peter, Dave and their girlfriends, Tanya and Toni

*    Rendezvous with the Corona

*    Canada Day celebration on Thetis Island

*    Clams and Oyster in Hotham Sound


Leg 2


Cortez Bay


Charles Bay


Matilpi Indian Islands


Mound Island


Port Hardy




*    Farewell to the Corona

*    Meeting acquaintances from past voyages

*    New anchorages

*    Unseasonable weather upon us

*    Ready for Cape Caution launch

Leg 3

Clam Cove


Smith Sound


Hakai Pass




*    Meandering our way to Port Hardy

*    Cape Caution transit to Smith Sound

*    Bill and Linda Irons rendezvous

*    Meeting the MV Anderson Cove and her friends.

*     Hakai Pass Beaches


Leg 4


Green Island Anchorage – Fitz Hugh Sound


Rattenbury Island – Hakai Pass


Pruth Bay – Calvert Island


Hurricane Island


Horsfall Island


New Bella Bella – Denny Island








*    Kayaking Hakai Pass


*    Wolves on the prowl


*    Hakai Resort and West Beach


*    Spider Anchorage


*    Rait Narrows


*    Shearwater/Bella Bella



Leg 5


Lizzy Cove, Hunter Island


Codville Lagoon Marine Park


Kisameet Bay


Rock Inlet


Sea Otter Inlet, Hunter Island


Fish Egg Inlet:

Narrows Cove, Waterfall Inlet, Fish Trap Bay, Joe’s Bay, Gildersleeve Bay, Mantrap Inlet,


Fury Cove, Penrose Island Marine Park


Takush Harbour, Smith Inlet




*    We encounter a lake with a sandy “Fiji” beach

*    Blazing a trail to Kisameet Lake

*    We meet Bruce and Lois onboard the Hideaway

*    Namu and its future??

*    Exploring the recently charted Fish Egg Inlet

*    Back to Smith Sound for Salmon

Leg 6



Port Hardy


Beware Cove


Port Renfrew


Shoal Bay


Octopus Island


Buccaneer Bay


Gibson’s Landing


Back up the Fraser







*    Back to the Southern Heat


*    We meet Captain Ron and Sue onboard the MV ‘Popeye’


*    Gold at Shoal Bay??


*    We finally do the lake trail to Newton Lake


*    Buccaneer Bay rendezvous with our southern friends