Summer 2008 Slide Show Presentations


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SeaScapes (22 MB) 

Music by Sounds from the Ground “London Fields”


Burnaby Narrows (19 MB)

Music by Tom Middleton “St. Ives Bay”


Marine Mammals (26 MB) 

Music by Tom Middleton “Sea of Glass” and “Margherita”

Ben Zebelman and Lorenza Ponce “Count Each Kiss”


Haida Villages (34 MB) 

Music by Michael O’Connell “Light in the Tree Tops”

R. Carlos Nakai “Zona”


De La Beche (13 MB) 

Music by Tom Middleton “Enchanting”



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Haida Gwaii  Heritage Sites (6:48 min)

A visit to Tanu, Hot Spring Island and Anthony Island (SGang Gwaay)



Haida Gwaii Scenery(4:49 min) 

Sea and Landscapes witnessed during our trip to Haida Gwaii