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Summer Cruise of June 29 September 1, 2007


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This years summer cruise took a different twist. The Mission Harbor, where we normally keep our boat, was experiencing a threat of high flood water conditions because of the amount of snow pack still not melted on the mountains in the interior of British Columbia. The harbor was busy preparing for the worse scenario as were all communities along the river. The dykes were raised four more feet and the area was busy with gravel trucks and backhoes trying to get it all done before the predicted high water arrived. Cables were attached to the docks to keep them in place as the current could potentially carrying the docks away with it. I decided the tension was too much for me and we took the Sea Foam down the river to Vancouver on May 17th. It worked out well as we wanted to go over to the Gulf Islands anyway and check out our dive equipment and all the boat systems before our two month summer cruise started June 29th.


After spending the May 21st long weekend in the Gulf Islands, I returned home with friends on board their vessel and the Sea Foam stayed in the Gulf Islands with the Captain. Several days later, after finishing my work week in Mission, I returned to the Sea Foam by seaplane from Richmond to Nanaimo. What would normally take three to four hours by ferry and car travel or by Sea Foam travel took only thirteen minutes by seaplane.


The Captain met me on the other side and we had one more long weekend of cruising and diving in the Gulf Islands. We crossed back over the Strait of Georgia and settled into our temporary slip at False Creek Harbour Authority in the heart of Vancouver at English Bay until we could be out again June 29th.


Meanwhile, back on the river, we had four days of very hot temperatures not only in Mission but in the interior of B.C. as well. The snow began to melt in earnest and the water began to rise at the beginning of June. Several homes in the flood plain area were on evacuation alert. All eyes were glued to the news on television. The river never did overflow its banks but it came very close. Many of our friends on our dock had left and found temporary places for their vessels either out of the water or farther down river near Vancouver. The dock had a security guard placed at the gates as all the people from the surrounding areas were coming down to the river to look at the high water rushing through and around the CP Railroad Bridge and the Mission Bridge.  


While the Captain stayed in False Creek I commuted back to Mission and stayed with my girlfriend, Barb, during the week. On weekends I traveled back to the Sea Foam in Vancouver or the Captain came out to Mission. By the time school was out we had been away from our home dock for six weeks.


Throughout the six week duration we were both preparing the boat for our two month Anniversary Cruise. We were married four years ago on June 28th so we have dubbed each cruise our anniversary gift to each other.


We typically cruise beyond Desolation Sound, into the Broughton Archipelago and northward beyond the end of Vancouver Island on the mainland side. We explore the inlets and waterways and last year went as far north along the Inside Passage as Bella Bella. This year we would like to explore many of the areas between the Broughton Archipelago and Cape Caution as we have gone past it several times and never stopped. You could spend months in one area of islands and inlets alone and still be exploring new water every day.


We spend our days kayaking, diving, and hiking. We also enjoy visiting several favorite fresh water lake sites for a quick cool dip in fresh water.


Because we venture into less populated marine areas we carry suitable tools and spare parts for eventualities that require such inventory. We also carry first aid equipment and portable radios and walkie-talkies so we are never far from help at any time.


It is essential when traveling in the areas we transit to understand and attend to the tides and currents in the area. Only then is it safe to navigate the sometimes furious waters of the rapidly flowing passages and narrows along the B.C. coast. If the area is timed well and you move through at slack or near slack when the water is not moving quickly the journey is uneventful giving you plenty of time to enjoy the scenery.


We have provisioned the boat with all the food we will need for two months. We carry a small freezer on our stern for meats and frozen vegetables. In addition to cabinetry, we have six hull storage compartments covered by floor hatches located through the boat where we store extra goods. We carry enough fresh water for about three weeks if used sparingly for dishes and showers. There are several marinas along the way where you can get water but its always a good idea to pour a glass full first before deciding to fill your tanks with it. We carry enough diesel fuel on board to last the complete duration of the trip. We can buy gas at most marinas for the outboard on our tender, the Catch-Up.


The coast between Desolation Sound and the Broughton Islands is rich in history of settlements that have long since been abandoned. Many villages, logging camps and other once thriving communities existed for a time in places today visited only fleetingly by passing cruisers or used as destinations to sit at anchor or dock and enjoy the peace and tranquility of being far from the crowds.


The islands and inlets that we visit are mostly with minimal population. Native villages that once thrived are all but gone, some remnants being carefully guarded by descendants of the last residents, others simply abandoned to the ravages of time and weather.


We carry three cruising guides with us each year to give us area background, marina information and anchoring tips along the way.

  1. North of Desolation Sound A Western Waters Cruising Guide to the Broughton Islands, Vassilopoulos, Peter
  2. Exploring the South Coast of British Columbia Gulf Islands and Desolation Sound to Broughton Archipelago and Blunden Harbour, Douglass, Don & Hemingway-Douglass, Reanne
  3. Waggoner Cruising Guide 2007 The Complete Boating Reference, Hale, Robert



We hope you enjoy reading our log and looking at our photographs. We are looking forward to another two months of summer cruising the beautiful water ways of British Columbia.



Leg 1 Log


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Clam Bay


Telegraph Cove, Thetis Island


Mark Bay, Nanaimo


Garden Bay, Pender Harbour

Sunshine Coast


Squirrel Cove, Cortes Island


Shoal Bay Walkabout


Forward Harbour


Double Bay, Hanson Island








    False Creek departure

    Breakdown in the Strait of Georgia

    Visit to Chemanius

    Coral Reefer Night

    Canada Day celebration on Thetis Island

    Evening with Friends for Dinner at Pender Harbor

    Passengers Off and Parts On

    Savory Island Beach Walk

    Heading North through the Discover Islands

    Up Johnstone Strait to the Broughton Archipelago

    Rendezvous with the XXIV VII (24/7) 


 Leg 2 Log


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Sointula, Malcolm Island


Alert Bay, Cormorant Island


Dead Mans Cove


Waddington Bay


Cullen Harbour












    Whale Watching

    Sointula and Alert Bay back to back

    Monks Wall

    Mamalilaculla abandoned Indian village

    XXIV VII takes us out fishing and Billy Proctor visit at Echo Bay

    Kayaking to Insect Island

    Prawning in Booker Lagoon



 Leg 3 Log


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Safety Boat Cove, Plumper Islands





     Farewell to the XII VII

     Visit to Telegraph Cove

     Diving in the Plumpers

     Stellar Sea Lion and Harbor Seal sightings

     Orca Whale Sightings

     Humpback Encounter

     Stellar Sea Lions Hauled Out

     Sea Otters and a Storm

     Diving and More Diving



 Leg 4


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Port McNeill, Vancouver Island


Napier BayTracey Harbour


Drury Inlet:

Richmond Bay

Jennis Bay

Skeene Bay


Cypress Harbour, Broughton Is.

Laura Bay, Broughton Is.

Traveling in Tribune Channel

Sliding South to Johnstone Strait





     Re-provisioning, computer reformatting, dive equipment and alternator installation in Port McNeill

     Meeting new friends in Drury Inlet

     Exploring Actress Passage and Actaeon Sound



     Exploring Simoon Sound

     Rendezvous with John and Jean from the MV Hyacinth

     Kwatsi Bay Marina: Waterfalls

     Dolphin Play in Bond Sound

     Quiet Night in Maltilpi



 Leg 5


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Forward Harbour

Octopus Islands

Bold Island, Quadra Is

Rebecca Spit, Quadra Is

Heriot Bay Marina

Rebecca Spit, Quadra Is

Gorge Harbour

Mitlenatch Island

Manson Bay, Mansons Landing

Taku Resort







     A Catch-Up Breakdown

     Diving and Hiking to Newton Lake

     Hiking to Village Bay Lake

     Picking Up Family at Heriot Bay

     Kayak Lessons

     Shark Spit Weenie Roast

     Bird Sanctuary Exploration

     Hague Lake Beach Day

     Shore Chores/Shopping Day

Leg 6 Log


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Otter Bay, Desolation Sound

Copeland Island Marine Park

Blind Bay, Hardy Island Marine Park

Madiera Park, Pender Harbour

Garden Bay, Pender Harbour


Buccaneer Bay

Secret Cove

Gibsons Landing

Delta Marina, Richmond, Fraser River Middle Arm

Home Port, Fraser River, Mission, B.C.






     Prawning and Kayaking

     Hike and Oyster Hunt

     Waiting Out Rough Weather


     Passenger Pick-up, Provisioning

     Dinner at the Pub

     Kona to the Vet

     A Day at the Beach

     Visitors Last Night

     Visitor Drop Off

     Visit with Captain Corona


     Home Safe and Sound