Here are the Main Characters in this Adventure




Rick LeBlanc

Captain / Technical Specialist / Photographer


Rick is a Professional Electrical Engineer in the Product Safety Industry.  He works part-time on a contract basis and the remainder of time he spends working on the Sea Foam.  Rick was born and raised in Winnipeg but the water has always drawn him.  Rick went to deep sea diving school in New York as he thought he wanted to be a commercial diver.  He had trouble with working visas in the States so he ended up not pursuing that.  It turned out to be a blessing in disguise because diving as a hobby is so much more fun. 


When Rick moved out to the coast he lived in Gold River, Port Alberni and Campbell River while working as a Project Engineer.  He bought his first boat, the Fish-n-Chips, when a job offer moved him to Richmond, B.C.  He felt that in order to justify the expense of the boat he would take out dive charters with his friends.  On one adventure he and five other diver friends went to the Queen Charlottes to dive for one month.  He had only owned the Fish-n-Chips for two years so he had little boating experience at the time for a trip such as that one. It was quite an adventure for him. 


He has been boating and scuba diving for 25 years, mostly on the BC coast.  Photography seems to have come naturally to Rick and he will go to great lengths to get the “great” shot.  Underwater photography has been tried and found to be expensive.  Eventually he may get back into it again.  He met and married Carol-Ann in 2003 after a long search for someone who has the same passion for the BC waterways.  Rick and Carol-Ann co-own the Sea Foam and intend to continue their adventures into retirement.


Together they have put their partnership to good use.  Carol-Ann writes stories about their adventures and cruise logs while Rick takes the photographs to highlight all the events.  




Carol-Ann Giroday

Navigator / Ship’s Writer


Carol-Ann is an elementary school teacher in Mission, BC.  She has always been intrigued with the ocean.  She met Rick after raising two sons.  It’s now time for her to enjoy and put to work her passion for the ocean and writing.  Her goal is to know every potential anchor spot on the BC Coast (well almost).  She enjoys cooking, especially what the sea can provide.  Her rule, “I cook it, you clean up” works for both her and Rick.  She started scuba diving when she met Rick and has become a natural born diver.  Despite her love for cooking she doesn’t hunt for food during her dives.  She doesn’t think it’s right to “pluck” anything from its environment when she’s a visitor and prefers to observe and leave things as they are.  


When she is not diving, exploring with the kayak is next in the line up.  She has been up to five miles away from the Sea Foam and returned after a full day’s paddle.  Hiking and searching out new trails to fresh water lakes is another high interest.  Kona is especially fond of this activity.




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Kona (deceased – 2000-2011)

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Mascot/Security / Shore Recon /Galley Helper


Cane Corso (Italian Mastiff) - Kona prefers that Rick and Carol-Ann not go scuba diving or kayaking.  She would much rather conduct her shore reconnaissance duties as soon as Sea Foam’s engine slows to idle.  Beaches and canopy forests are her favorite terrain.  She also enjoys riding the bow of the Catch-up and keeps a close watch for deadheads, seals, whales and dolphins.   All three are a threat to us in her mind and she is very vigilant.  She needs to go to shore as often as a French Poodle or a Maltese. Yes, she’s very big and has the foot print of two people but she doesn’t need any help getting to shore and she helps keep us active.  We certainly don’t have any concerns about an eagle snatching her off the bow of the boat!


AnCr3%20753When we are at anchor she goes to shore in the morning for a quick sniff about, a longer hike in the afternoon to adventure and explore, if the terrain allows, and then out again just before dark.    Kona also has lasting power; she has been known to go up to twelve hours without a hint of needing shore relief.  She doesn’t eat as much as you think a one hundred and twenty-five pound dog might.  She only eats five cups of dry food each day and seldom if ever gets human food.  However, she will try to convince you otherwise.  She has recently taken a fancy to eating steamed mussels. 


When we are busy digging for clams or plucking oysters from the shore, Kona is often found digging for her own dinner.  She especially likes to find small crabs under the rocks that she finds particularly good and crunchy! 



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